Grober Innovation & Initiatives

A willingness to embrace innovation to constantly improve our operations is at the heart of everything we do.

Our innovations and initiatives include:

  • A constant commitment to research and development into the best possible conditions in which to raise young animals
  •  The first North American producer to successfully implement and adopt group housing, starter barns, and other alternatives in pursuit of the optimum conditions for our livestock
  • The Grober Young Animal Development Centre: World-class research leading to improved health for our calves and other young livestock, including dairy heifers
  • Group housing models and automated feeding environments that provide detailed data on the health and wellbeing of all of the animals in our care, providing the foundation for our future plans to achieve 100% traceability on all of our livestock
  •  Innovative LED lighting systems for calf  barns that simulate natural light and are extremely energy efficient

Industry Leaders

For over 30 years Grober has been a recognized leader in the veal industry. Our business approach blends sound animal husbandry with technology and compassion to produce what we believe is the finest milk-fed veal in North America.

At the Grober Group, we recognize that innovation and sustainability will increase our competitiveness and profitability. We believe in testing, monitoring and implementing new competitive advantages.

This approach provides maximum value for our customers, optimum conditions for our herd, and significantly reduces our environmental footprint. We proudly and confidently produce safe, healthy, nutritious veal and other protein-based products.